Paladin Our Vocation is Construction – Our Avocation is Service
Our Vocation is Construction – Our Avocation is Service

International Service

Although there are plenty of people in our own community who are in need of care and services, no one can argue that in third-world countries, governments do not provide the “Safety Net” for health care needs, we have in the United States. For this reason, we give our time, our skills, and our gifts where and when we can.

Following are a few International Service Projects in which Paladin participates.

Graciela’s Cheese – How the Legend of Rotarians motivated Rotarians in Texas, New York, and Costa Rica to get a specialized Iris Wheelchair to a 16-year-old young lady in Costa Rica.

Much thanks to Gracila’s Cheese Wheelchair Team of Rotarians Michael Hasty and the Rotarians of The Grand Prairie Rotary Club, Texas. Rotarian Asrar Ahmed and the Rotarians of Newbrough Rotary Club, New York for donating and shipping the Iris Wheelchair to Grand Prairie. And Thank you to Rotarian William Barrantes and the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Puntarenas, Costa Rica for picking up and traveling to Cobano, Costa Rica to deliver the Iris Wheelchair to Lisbeth. And to American Airlines, thank you for providing American Angles to have a very large package to go as crew baggage from DFW to Costa Rica. As Mr. Asrar Ahmed said at the start of this mission, “This is why I am a Rotarian.”

Emergency Dental Mission to the Barrios of Granada, Nicaragua 2013 started as a dental sealant mission for 7 – 12-year-olds in Granada. However, the first day we realized there was a much bigger problem with tooth decay with these children.

Hope For Venezuelan Refugees Project

If you would like help by Serving with by giving of your time, your skills, or your gifts, please contact us via the form below. I will be back in touch to see how you can help. Thank you.